" John the Revelator preaching in front of a white cross cut in black stone; the last, battered road map; a pond hockey game teetering on the edge of war: Loney's images glue to your mind, leaving traces of his world long after the last page."
John Tattrie
Author of 7 books, including the novels Black Snow and Limerence

“I couldn’t put it down…At times comical despite the all-to-plausible and frightening context, it’s the most Canadian piece of literature I’ve ever come across…It’s a masterful piece of writing.”

Andy de Champlain 

Parkview News

Halifax, NS 

"I was instantly drawn into this story and emotionally engaged with the characters. Reading the book was like watching the playoffs...a tense start, a thrilling climax, and after it was over, I didn't know what to do with myself for weeks. "
Bruce MacKinnon
Internationally-renowned Cartoonist

Order of Canada Recipient 

Online Reviews

"How Hockey Will Help Us Survive The Apocalypse" atlanticbookstoday.ca

(Gemma Marr)

Reviews for Rebel With A Cause: The Doc Nikaido Story

​"Rebel with a cause tells the true story of a caring, maverick family doctor in Bow Island, Alberta and forcefully reminds us of a shameful period in our country's history and the impact it had on real people like Harry Nikaido. Bretton Loney is ideally placed to tell Dr. Nikaido's story. He grew up in Bow Island and went on to a distinguished career as a journalist as well as a fiction writer. In Rebel, he brings together his journalistic ability to dig deeper with his fiction writer's sense of storytelling to find the heart of Doc's story. The result is an entertaining, important read. "
Stephen Kimber
Author, columnist and journalism professor 

at the University of King's College, Halifax" I was just blown away by Bretton Loney's book. I couldn't leave it alone. Loney has done a magnificent job in putting together a compelling and meaningful portrait of a man who truly deserves to be remembered. For those of us who knew him and were his friends, we can never thank Loney enough."
Robin Dann
close friend of Doctor Harry Nikaido

News Articles

"No typical country doctor"The Chronicle-Herald (Michael Lightstone)